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Troubleshooting - LightBurn

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Cut might be out of bounds error

If you get a pop-up that your cut might be out of bounds, there are a few common causes:

  • You're using a 'Start From' setting like 'User Origin' or 'Current Position', but don't understand how those work, or haven't chosen an appropriate job origin setting. Try using 'Absolute Coords', and read here to understand how the different modes work: Coordinates and Job Origin
  • Your artwork exceeds one or more of the boundaries of your laser - make sure the art fits, and that if you have Overscanning or Kerf offset enabled, there's room for the overscan / kerf moves
  • On GCode devices, it's possible to have a 'workspace offset' programmed into the controller. This could be confusing LightBurn into thinking that the laser position is out of bounds, even though it's not. See Common Grbl Setups