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Lens Correction

Much in the same way that cameras used in LightBurn need to have a calibration routine run for best performance, so do galvo lasers. Many manufacturers ship lasers with these types of settings already present, and when using the importer these should be automatically imported for you.

If the LightBurn Importer does not detect the lens correction setup when following the wizard, these specific settings may be copied from EZCAD's Configuration Parameters tool, or found by the user manually. Device Settings otherwise must come from the manufacturer for safety, as outlined in Setup.

Field Size

While not strictly part of the lens correction, the intended field area affects all of the correction and calibration settings described below. The field size describes the maximum area the lens can reach at it's focal length. When correcting a new lens, be sure to follow the steps suggested here.

Scale Adjustment

This setting scales the overall size of your intended laser output on X & Y axes. If adjustment of this is needed, please also verify that your [Machine Setup] was finished and your field size was imported. Otherwise, you may be compensating for the field size in the wrong area, complicating further adjustments.

Bulge Adjustment

The bulge factor allows you to change by how much (if at all) the center of shapes are distorted and stretched.

Skew Adjustment

The skew factor allows you to adjust the tension on the corners of your design, pulling the bottom portion of the design left or right relative to the top.

Trapezoid Adjustment

The trapezoid tool works similarly to the Skew adjustment tool, where it permits the distortion of your design by stretching or pinching the "corners" of your design. Trapezoid adjustment allows you to pinch one portion relative to another This is where the name of the tool comes from, as it allows you to make trapezoids into squares, and vice versa.