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Glossary (Galvo)


This section is new, and is a work in progress. Be sure to let us know on the forums or via support if we need to change something. Thank you!


A type of laser apparatus that uses a series of actuated mirrors to reflect the beam of a laser source around at high speeds. This contrasts to "gantry" style lasers, that move a series of mirrors along the gantry itself with a "lens" at the end to focus it, or diode lasers that move the laser souce itself, (usually using a gantry).


This is the portion of a galvo laser responsible for producing the beam itself used for operation. While not a laser tube inherently, laser sources are similar in purpose to the tubes found in CO2 gantry lasers.


Master Oscillator Power Amplifier lasers are a specific class of fiber laser sources that enable pulse duration to be varied (not just pulse energy and frequency as in other sources). This variability enables use cases such as durable colored marking of stainless steels and titanium by pulsing the beam in such a way it anneals the metal.


This is the portion of galvo lasers responsible for moving the galvo head up and down, vertically. The tower connects the head to the fiber cable (that carries the beam from the source), and any other apparatus that need to move with the lens to focus and effectively work on the job.


Framing allows you to accurately position work. It's an operation that outlines the job in real life on the object/material, but using a lower power, so it doesn't cut/engrave it. It usually requires you to be accurately focused.


This is the portion of a galvo laser that holds up the tower and ensures it's rigid and won't tip over. It usually has a work table larger than the tower above it for stability.

Cleanup Pass

A final pass, usually at a tighter line width, higher frequency, and a lower power. Done to to clean up soot and debris from more ablative processing.

Focal Point (Waist)

The thinnest part of the (focused) beam, the point at which it is the most in focus. See the Focusing page for more info.

Focal Length

The distance from the optical centre of the lens to the focal point. See the Focusing page for more info.

Depth of Field (Focal Range)

The useable range of the (focused) beam. It appears either side of the focal point, and varies based on various factors including; the focal length of the lense, the material being cut, the power of the laser source, etc. See the Focusing page for more info.

Field Size (Build Volume, Window Size)

These fields describe the maximum area that the lens installed in the galvo can physically cover when focused. See the Focusing page for more info.


Wobble refers to the ability of the beam to rotate about a particular area, imparting more heat to the workpiece and allowing for more material removal.

This feature can be enabled in the Cut Settings Editor on galvo devices.