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LightBurn Fill & EZCAD Hatch Quick Translation


This section is new, and is a work in progress. Be sure to let us know on the forums or via support if we need to change something. Thank you!

If you're coming from EZCAD and having trouble finding hatch settings you're used to, please see below for a guide to matching your usual hatch settings to LightBurn's fill settings.

If you're not sure how to adjust cut & engraving settings, please see the Cut Settings Editor page.

EZCAD2 Hatch Settings Windows

Mark Contour

EZCAD2's "Mark Contour" option can be replicated with LightBurn's sub-layers. By creating a line sub-layer and a fill sub-layer, you can achieve the same effect. To cut the contour first, have the line sub-layer as the first sub-layer. To fill first, have the fill sub-layer as the first sub-layer.

Hatch 1, Hatch 2, Hatch 3

EZCAD2 allows for three different hatches on the same geometry. This is equivalent to LightBurn's sub-layers. Please see the relevant page for help.


This functionality is the same between the two programs, and is a checkbox in both.

Hatch Patterns

Unidirectional hatch & Bidirectional hatch

EZCAD2 Bidirectional Hatch EZCAD2 Unidirectional Hatch EZCAD2's bidirectional hatch and unidirectional hatch are the same as the default hatch in LightBurn, with the bi-directional fill toggle either on or off.

Ring-like hatch / Pyramid Hatch

EZCAD2 Ring-like Hatch EZCAD2's ring-like hatch is equivalent to LightBurn's Offset Fill.

Snake Hatch

Snake hatch is equivalent to a regular fill in LightBurn with Flood Fill enabled.

Auto Rotate Hatch Angle

In LightBurn, the EZCAD2 feature of "auto rotate hatch angle" is labeled as "Angle Increment" in your layer / sub-layer settings. While not a fill mode, it's still relevant to replicating EZCAD2 fill styles.