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Console Window

On GCode machines, the console window allows you to directly input commands and see messages from the controller itself.

Console Tool Window

You can type a command in the text box and the console will output the results. Examples would be manual GCode commands or retrieving configuration details from your connected device.

If the controller encounters an error during execution, it will be shown here as well.

If you have commands that you use frequently, you can store them in one of the macro buttons. Right-click a button to bring up the options to change the macro contents. Give the button a meaningful name, and enter one or more commands to send to the controller when the macro button is clicked.

Enable the 'Show All' toggle switch to display all commands sent between LightBurn and your controller.

Note, the console window functions are not available on DSP controllers, like Ruida, Trocen, or TopWisdom as these are not GCode based, and do not accept GCode commands.