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Art Library

The Art Library is a way to quickly store and recall artwork that you use on a regular basis and want quick access to when designing.

On the left side of the window it shows the libraries that are currently loaded, and the right side shows the artwork in the currently selected library. Artwork can be easily imported into the library from files on your hard drive, or from a selection in your current project. When you want to use something from the library, just grab the thumbnail from the right view and drag it into your project.

Note: The library only stores artwork, much like the contents of your AI, SVG, DXF, or image files. It does not store the cut or fill settings applied to the artwork.

Library Files

Each library you create is a file on your hard drive containing all the graphics inside it in a compact form. You can copy library files between computers to share the contents. LightBurn remembers which libraries you have loaded. Unloading a library file just removes it from your list of loaded libraries, but doesn't delete the file or its contents, which makes it easy to bring in seasonal or holiday specific libraries when you need them, then unload them to reduce clutter when you don't.

To create a new (empty) library, click the 'New' button and choose a location and a name to store the library file. Once created and selected, you can immediately start adding content to it.

Adding artwork to a Library

If you have files on your hard drive that you want to add you can click the Import button. This will let you import multiple files at once if you want to, and each one will become an entry in the current library. You can also select something in your current project and click 'Import Graphic from Project' to add the selected artwork to the current library.

You can also right-click in the library view, like this:

From the pop-up menu, you can add the current selection to the library, rename the selected library graphic, or delete it.

Adding artwork from the Library to your project

When you want to use an item from the library, locate it in the thumbnail view on the right, then simply drag it into your project wherever you would like it to appear, and drop it. You can also click 'Add Graphic to Project' in the buttons along the bottom.

Loading and Unloading Libraries

If you have libraries that you use rarely, or are seasonal (like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Spring, Fall, etc) you can unload them when you are no longer using them by selecting the library on the left, and clicking the 'Unload' button. This just removes it from the view, but does not delete the file from your hard drive. When you need it again, click the Load button, and locate the file on your hard drive. It will be added back to the list and usable until you unload it again.