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Art Library

The Art Library is a way to store and recall artwork that you use on a regular basis and want quick access to when designing.

To enable the Art Library window, go to the Window menu and select Art Library.

Currently loaded libaries are visible on the left side of the window. On the right side, you'll see all artwork in your currently selected library.

Artwork can be imported into the library from files on your hard drive, or from a selection in your current project. When you want to use something from the library, grab the thumbnail from the right view and drag it into your project.


The library only stores artwork, much like the contents of AI, SVG, DXF, or image files. It does not store the Cut Settings applied to the artwork.

Creating a Library

To create a new (empty) library, click the New button and choose a location and a name to store the library file. Once created and selected, you can start adding content to it.

Each library you create is saved to your computer with the .lbart file extension, and contains all the graphics inside it in compact form.

Adding Artwork to a Library

Use any of the following methods to add artwork to your library:

  • Click the Import button to add artwork directly from your hard drive. You can import multiple files at once using this method, and each will become an individual entry in the current library.

  • Make a selection in your current project and click Import Graphic from Project to add the selected artwork to the current library.

  • Right-click in the library window and select Add Selection to Library from the menu.

Adding Stored Artwork to Your project

There are two ways to add stored artwork to your project:

  • Locate a graphic in the thumbnail view on the right, click and drag it into your project wherever you would like it to appear, then release to drop it there.

  • Click the Add Graphic to Project button along the bottom of the window. The graphic will automatically be added to your project, centered in your current field of view.

Editing Libraries

To delete artwork in your library, first select a graphic, then right-click and select Delete from the menu.

To rename artwork, right-click and select Rename.

To rename an entire library, edit the name of the .lbart file saved to your computer, then Unload and Reload the library.

Loading and Unloading Libraries

You can Load libraries that have been shared with you by other users, created on another computer, or were previously removed to reduce clutter.

To Load a library, click the Load button in the bottom of the Art Library window, then navigate to the location the .lbart file you wish to load is stored, select it, and click Open.

To Unload a library, first select a library from the left side of the Art Library window, then click the Unload button in the bottom of the window. Unloading a library removes it from view, but does not delete the file or its contents from your hard drive. You will be able to Load it again at a later time.