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Troubleshooting: Wrong Orientation


Job flipped, mirrored, reversed, inverted, upside down, or reflected when comparing appearance in your LightBurn workspace to the real-world cut/engrave.


  • Check that the Device Origin is set correctly. This setting controls the orientation of the laser's output. If this is set incorrectly, your job will be mirrored or inverted.
    • The Origin for GCode devices (including most diode lasers) is typically in the front left corner, regardless of where limit switches are installed.
    • The Origin for DSP controllers (including Ruida, Trocen, and TopWisdom) should match the corner your laser homes to when first powered up.
    • To correct a mirrored or inverted engraving:
      • If your engraving is flipped upside down, change whether the origin is in the front or back corners.
      • If your engraving is mirrored sideways, change whether the origin is on the left or right side.
      • If your engraving is flipped in both directions, move the origin to the opposite corner.
  • In rare circumstances, jobs can be mirrored due to flipped motor cables within the machine. Seek assistance from the manufacturer if you have set your Device Origin properly and are still having issues.
  • For Galvo lasers, you may need to adjust Per Galvo settings to set the correct Galvo to X, and to Reverse Direction (Negate) one or both Galvos.