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Troubleshooting: Drivers

If you have trouble connecting to your laser, you may need to install or update the drivers that allow your computer to communicate with the laser's controller software.

We've done our best to list the driver requirements for a variety of devices and operating systems, along with information on how to install the drivers. If you have a device with a driver that isn't listed, we'd appreciate you letting us know by clicking the envelope icon next to the header below to send an email to our support and documentation teams.

Some lasers that come with their own software may require you to install that software to install the drivers.

Driver List

Laser Type OS Notes
Diode lasers All If not specified, probably requires the CH340 driver. The latest version is available from the WCH website for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Ruida or Top Wisdom Windows FTDI driver required. If unsure, rerun the LightBurn installer and check the box to install the FTDI driver
Trocen Windows Might need to install LaserCad to get Trocen's driver
Galvo lasers Windows See Galvo Installation for directions