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Troubleshooting: Connection Problems

Can't Connect Laser to Computer

First steps:

  • Make sure your laser is turned on
  • If you're connecting with a cable, make sure it is plugged in securely on both ends
  • Close any other control software that might be communicating with your laser
  • Make sure you've selected the correct device in LightBurn, and that the controller type and connection method are correct

If you still can't connect to the laser:

Laser Doesn't Stay Connected To Computer

If your laser connects to the computer but doesn't stay connected, please try the following:

Laser Behaves Unexpectedly

If your device is restarting when you try to use it, you are most likely experiencing either communication problems or brief losses of power. This is often visible when a device set to home on startup homes unexpectedly. Please try the following:

If you're experiencing unexpected behavior from a device not originally intended as a laser, such as a diode module mounted to a 3018 CNC router, you may need to adjust the settings:

Laser Is Connected, But Not Responding

If your laser appears to be connected to the computer but is not responding, try the following:

  • If your device has a screen, check for error messages or alarms
    • Some enclosed lasers have sensors to detect if the lid is open, and will not run until the door is closed and the error is cleared
    • Some lasers with water cooling have sensors to detect the flow of water, and will not run if they don't detect water flow
  • Check to see if the correct serial port is selected, if relevant
  • For GRBL devices, check the Console Window for Errors and Alarms