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Troubleshooting - Ruida errors

The following are the most common errors encountered with Ruida controllers.

Not enough extend space

  • Your artwork is too close to the side of the machine for the speed you are running it at - the machine does not have enough room off the sides of the design to speed up / slow down. Move the design inward, away from the sides, or go slower.

Frame slop over

  • The design itself is crossing one or more of the machine sides. You can continue, but the controller will not draw the part of the design that is out of bounds.

Water Protect

  • You have water protection enabled, and the controller is not seeing a signal from the water protection sensor. This usually means water is not flowing through the tube, but can also mean the sensor is faulty, or the wiring is incorrect.

Machine Protected

  • You have 'door sensor' protection enabled, and the controller is not sensing the door switch is closed. This usually means the machine lid is open, but can also mean the door switch or wiring are faulty.

Machine is busy or paused

  • This can happen for a number of reasons, all stemming from a lack of communication between the controller and the software. LightBurn will show this error if it the laser is currently busy and not accepting commands, or in some cases if it wasn't able to communicate with the laser at all. Check that there is not an error displayed on the controller screen, and that LightBurn is actually connected to the controller. You can verify (or reset) the connection by right-clicking the 'Devices' button. You should see 'Found RDC644xG' (or whatever type of controller you have) in the center of the status bar below the main window.