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Troubleshooting - LightBurn Editor

Weld not working:

If you are trying to Weld text inside a ring, and the text disappears, use 'Boolean Union' or 'Boolean Subtract' instead. Read the docs and watch the video for Booleans here: Boolean Tools

Shapes disappear when filled:

Most likely the shapes are duplicated, sitting right on top of each other. Try Edit > Delete Duplicate Shapes and try again, or manually edit to remove the duplicates. We have a FAQ entry on our forum for this here:

Open shapes set to fill:

If you're getting this error, it means you have shapes that you are trying to fill that are not closed loops. Most likely your shape is a group of disconnected lines, not a single closed loop. Try un-grouping your shapes, then click 'Edit > Auto Join' (Alt+J)

Negate a vector shape:

If you're trying to negate (invert) a vector shape, you need to put a boundary around it in the same color as the shape itself, or remove a boundary from around it. We have a FAQ entry on our forum that describes this here: