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Trial or License Activation

If you've never used LightBurn before, you'll be shown the License and Trial page first. Here you can either enter and activate a license key if you have one, or you can activate a free 30 day trial by clicking "Activate Trial".

If you already have a license key, be sure to enter it exactly, including the dashes, into the box labeled 'License Key' then click the 'Activate License' button below it. We recommend just copying the key and pasting it into the License Key box.

If you do not have an internet connection on the computer you will be running LightBurn on, please follow the Offline Activation instructions.

You can get back to this screen in LightBurn at any time by going to the menu and clicking Help > License Management.


Once you have activated your license or the trial, click 'OK'

If you ever need to manage your license, such as deactivate an old computer, follow the instructions on the License Management page.

The next thing you'll see is the 'General Usage Notes' page - this is a brief help page just to get you going. You can get back to it any time in the Help menu, under Help > Quick Help and Notes. Click OK.

You're almost done!

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