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Adjust Image Tool

The Adjust Image tool is designed to greatly simplify the process of tweaking image properties such as contrast, brightness, and gamma while also changing the engrave settings. Best of all it allows you to instantly see the results of these changes with both the image properties and engrave settings applied.

The Adjust Image tool can be accessed by selecting any single image, right clicking, and choosing the Adjust Image option.

On the top left the original grayscale source image is displayed. On the top right is the processed result of the chosen settings. Just like in the main edit window, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the image and clicking and dragging to move the image around. As you can see below, the source image and output image are kept in sync while performing these operations.

Layer Settings

The Layer Settings group on the left contains settings that correspond directly to those found in the Cut Settings Editor, as you can see below:

When adjusting an image and changing these settings, it will update those values on the cut layer currently used by the image selected, once you click the OK button. If you click Cancel, nothing will be changed. It should be noted that these settings will affect any image on the same layer.

The most important setting here is the "Image Mode" dropdown as it will allow you to choose from the various image processing modes we have. But, more importantly, unlike changing this setting from the Cut Settings Editor, you get to see what that image mode looks like immediately, side-by-side with the source image.

Image Settings

The Image Settings group on the right contains settings that correspond directly to those found in the Image Shape Properties panel. The only difference being that they are presented as easy to use sliders, so that you can very quickly tweak these values to get the desired result.