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Licensing FAQ

Is a LightBurn license a subscription?

No. You pay once, and the software will work forever as long as you have your license key.

Which version do I need?

LightBurn supports three device types: GCode, DSP, and Galvo. If you're not sure what type of license you need, see Which Version Do I Need?

All DSP and Galvo keys also support GCode devices.

Can I use the same license key on any operating system?

Yes, the same key can be used to activate LightBurn on Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

How many computers can I use it on?

A LightBurn License automatically comes with 3 seats, meaning you can activate LightBurn on 3 computers at one time. You can use our License Portal to manage your activations.

If you'd like to activate LightBurn on more than 3 computers, you can purchase additional seats for your license here. The cost of each additional seats depends on your license type.

If you would like to purchase a new key with more seats than the default of 3, or are interested in a Floating license setup, see our Educational and Volume Licensing page.

Does the license expire?

No, but your license's update period has an expiration date — a year from when you first activated it. When the update period ends, the key is still valid, but you won't be able to use any version of LightBurn released after the end of the update period. Any version released before the key expired will continue to work. 

My license expired, how do I revert to a compatible version of LightBurn?

To download and revert to a version of LightBurn compatible with your key, visit our release repository.

How do renewals work?

If your key has expired, a renewal will add a year of updates, starting from the date you purchase the renewal.

If you renew before your key expires, the renewal period will be extended starting from the date your key was set to expire. You'll also receive an additional two months on your one-year renewal.

How much is it to renew?

The price to renew your license's update period and receive another year of software updates is $30. Renew your license here.

Do renewals cost more if I have more than 3 seats on my license?

No. The price of a renewal is the same regardless of the number of seats on your license.

Can I add support for a new type of laser to my existing key?

Yes. Enter your key on the checkout page for the type of device support you need to add to your key. Add DSP support to your key here. Add Galvo support to your key here.

Will I lose support for other devices when upgrading?

No. A license upgrade adds supported device types to your key, but doesn't take any away.

Does adding support for a different device type renew my key?

No. Adding support for a different device type does not renew your key, or affect your key's update period in any way.

I already have a LightBurn license. Can I try a different version before upgrading?

Yes. If you are already have a LightBurn license, but would like to try it with a device type your key does not currently support, go to Help ➝ License Management and click Deactivate License, then Extend Trial.

How do I know when my upgrade has been applied?

Our systems are fully automated, and all upgrades are processed promptly. However, LightBurn will need to contact our licensing server to register any upgrade, and it can take up to 24 hours for LightBurn to sync with the server. You can force LightBurn to check back in by deactivating and then reactivating your key in the License Management window.

How do I know if my license supports my laser?

If you've already activated your license, but aren't sure if it supports your type of laser, go to Help ➝ License Management to see a list of device types supported by your license.

If you're unsure whether your laser is one of the types listed, see Which Version Do I Need?

If you're unable to connect to your laser even though it is supported by your license, see Troubleshooting: Connection Problems.

Can I transfer my key to another user?

Yes. You are free to transfer your key to another user, or sell it along with your laser. The recipient will need to contact us with the key in order for us to transfer it to their email address, granting them access to our License Portal.

Please note that selling or sharing individual seats on your license key is not permitted. Keys must be transferred in their entirety, including all seats.