How the LightBurn License Works

A LightBurn license is a digital key used to unlock the software for permanent use.

Every new license comes with a year of free updates from the date you first activate it. After a year, you'll still be able to use any version of LightBurn released before your license expired, but you'll need to renew your key in order to continue receiving updates for another year. If you renew before your key expires, you'll receive an additional two months on your one-year renewal.

The version you need depends on the type of controller used by your laser. LightBurn supports three device types: GCode, DSP, and Galvo. If you're not sure what type of license you need, see Which Version Do I Need?

If you started with a license that supports one type of device, and now need to use LightBurn with a different type, you can add support for the new device type to your existing key. Please note that adding support for additional devices does not renew your key.

A LightBurn license automatically comes with 3 seats, meaning you can activate it on three computers at one time. You can use our License Portal to view and remove activations on your key, freeing up activations in use on old or inoperable computers so you can activate on new ones.

If you already have a key, you can purchase additional seats here. If you would like to purchase a new key with more seats than the default of 3, or are interested in a Floating license setup, see our Educational and Volume Licensing page.

If you sell your laser and wish to sell your license along with it, that is permitted. Please note that it is not permitted to sell part of your license to someone else.

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